Transformer Services

Critical Electrical Asset Support

Electrical Power is the pulse of your plant. It is vital for your operations but it is also dangerous and costly. Whist large power transformers are amongst the most reliable equipment used in electrical power systems, failures do occur. With these failures, profits and people suffer.

Replacing a transformer can take several weeks resulting in serious financial and productivity losses. In many cases a transformer can be repaired but only if the problem is detected before it escalates.

Identifying and resolving problems starts with performing electrical testing, maintenance and engineering service provided by Landas Gemilang’s Electrical Reliability Service Team. Proactive maintenance gives you the information you need about the performance of your transformer and related electrical assets. You will be able to make smarter, more profitable decisions while protecting your people and operations.


  1. Eliminate unplanned downtime through routine inspection and maintenance.
  2. Avoid substantial financial loss associated with service disruptions.
  3. Minimize emergency repairs.
  4. Ensure ongoing reliability of electrical distribution services.

Services Portfolio

Ensure optimum system performance, efficiency and safety with proactive preventive maintenance for your transformer.

Proactive electrical testing and maintenance of your transformer performed on an annual basis by system experts can uncover problem before a unit fails. This is the key to eliminating unscheduled outages. Information accumulated through routine inspections and periodic testing will usually provide warning of impending service problems.

Landas Gemilang Electrical Reliability Services team will help you recognize the signs of an impending failure with careful analysis of the records and identification of significant trends or unusual behaviors. Our transformer services improve each aspect of system reliability. They ultimately ensure your company will have reliable power and avoid expensive outages related to transformer failure.

Services include

  1. Substation maintenance.
  2. Turnkey installation.
  3. Commissioning and startup.
  4. Preventive Maintenance.
  5. Online predictive maintenance.
  6. Fluid/Oil Processing.
  7. Oil Analysis.
  8. Emergency Services.

Transformer Services

Substation Maintenance

Onsite transformer and substation services can be individually performed by Landas
Gemilang’s Electrical Reliability Services team or combined as a complete package to
improve reliability

The services include:

  1. Transformer assembly, installation and removal.
  2. Onsite inspection and testing.
  3. Installation testing.
  4. Fluid/oil analysis and condition trending.
  5. Insulating fluid/oil reconditioning.
  6. Failure/fault analysis.
  7. Tap changer repair/replacement.
  8. Leak/repairs.
  9. Gasket/bushing repair.
  10. Substation grounding.
  11. Cooling upgrades

Turnkey Installation

Landas Gemilang provides complete turnkey installation, replacement, upgrades, removal and disposal of your electrical equipment.

Our technical staff will provide complete design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for most transformers and related equipments.

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